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“Thank you very very much for tutoring me these past few months. You’ve been an incredible tutor — I think I did really well on the AP, thanks to you! You were also an incredible listener. You put up with my constant worrying and nervous anxiety with unbelievable patience. You never made me feel stupid for fretting so much. The thought of facing the world outside of my extremely tiny high school doesn’t seem quite as scary anymore. :)”
– Stevie, New York City (student)
“Why did we chose Successlink Tutoring? I can think of two things that place Sucesslink Tutoring above the rest:

“The first is the intake process: We were asked several questions about our son so he could be matched with a tutor that he could connect with and who was skilled in relating to someone like our son.

“The second is that Successlink Tutoring is committed not just to helping our son study for the SATs to get a higher score than he would have without the tutoring, but, more importantly, they are committed to helping my son understand how he learns and how to maximize his study skills.

“So what my son is gaining is not limited to improved test scores. Raising test scores is great, but it is used to help get into college. The real payoff is in the self-knowledge and self-confidence that my son has gained. That knowledge and confidence will serve him his whole life. Thanks, Successlink Tutoring!”
– Judey M. (mother of student)
“I just received my acceptance letter to UCLA, and couldn’t have done it without SuccessLink.”
– Sarah G. (student)
“I hereby offer the strongest possible recommendation on behalf of SuccessLink. My daughter's experience was excellent, and the results were exceptional. She improved her self-confidence, her scores (170 point increase), and carried lessons learned from SuccessLink into her SAT II exams, wherein she scored mid-700s.

“Our tutor demonstrated patience, firmness, and a caring for the student. His service was commendable, flexible, and thorough. My daughter actually enjoys taking these exams now! I hope to engage SuccessLink’s services again.”
– Dr. Ron A. (father of student)
“After tutoring for ten weeks with Gabe, our son Cort's SAT score went up 250 points. You can imagine our delight. We were more than thrilled with Cort’s score and with the job Gabe did as a tutor.”
– Monica and Ken S. (parents of student)
“Shachar was extremely flexible and responsive to our request to “take Jon as he is” and found creative ways to make the experience of preparing for the tests as pleasant as possible. He helped Jon to increase his confidence, learn pitfalls and how to work quickly, and to have a great relationship with an older peer who respected his priorities.”
– Genevieve D. (mother of student)
“Our daughter Brynn was admittedly intimidated by the thought of having an experienced, intelligent Stanford graduate come to our home to tutor her. She thought the tutor would have an attitude that would make Brynn feel uncomfortable but this was hardly the case.

“Laura (Brynn’s tutor) was very dear, very sincere and exceedingly supportive, all of which served to put Brynn at ease. She motivated Brynn to study and prepare and provided her with new test-taking strategies. Their mutual efforts succeeded in raising Brynn’s scores by 150 points.

“Several of Brynn’s friends employed other SAT Prep programs but did not have the sincere experience as Brynn, nor did their scores increase as much as Brynn’s.”
– Jack and Peggy C. (parents of student)
“Our daughter’s SAT score of 1490 was 300 points higher than her PSAT score, thanks in large part to the excellent tutoring she received from SuccessLink Tutoring. Our tutor was friendly, down-to-earth, and easy to communicate with.”
– Henry and Jodi M. (parents of student)
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