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The Secret in Education lies in respecting the student. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The PSAT is essentially an abbreviated version of the SAT that is administered by high schools and offered each year in October to both Sophomores and Juniors. The PSAT is an excellent diagnostic tool for determining how well students are likely to do on the SAT.

Although the PSAT also serves as the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program (, the test has very little bearing on college admissions and we generally do not recommend preparation. For families who do want assistance in preparing for the PSAT, getting an early start on SAT prep will equip students with everything they need to know.

The SAT, considered by many to be the most important standardized test a student will ever take, is a 3 hr. 50 min. marathon of a test that is unfortunately required by most major colleges and universities in the country (though FairTest keeps a great list of test-optional colleges). The "new redesigned" SAT is comprised of the following sections:

  • Reading (52 passage-based multiple choice questions)
  • Writing and Language (35 grammar and usage multiple choice questions)
  • Math - No Calculator (20 multiple choie and 5 grid-in questions that DO NOT allow the use of a calculator.)
  • Math (30 multiple choie and 8 grid-in questions that DO allow the use of a calculator.)
Additionally, there is an "optional" 50-minute essay. Although we expcect most colleges will require the essay, we do not think it will recieve much weight in admissions decisions.

Through our work with college admissions, we know that the SAT is not nearly as important as the College Board would like us to believe — as we commonly tell our students, “Your standardized test scores may get you considered, but your application essays can get you accepted.”

That being said, the SAT (or the ACT) is still a significant hurdle that students need to jump through on the road to college.

At the heart of our SAT success is our approach to teaching critical reading. We use the Edupath College Passport app for our critical reading curriculum. We believe is is the only truly effective approach to teaching Critical Reading, which, since the inception of the “New SAT,” now forms the basis of students' verbal scores. (Note: if students do not have a compatible iOS device, we provide one for the duration of the tutoring.)

Our unique method prepares students to read texts critically, helping them to dramatically increase their test scores on the SAT. The benefits of critical reading skills reach far beyond the college application process, but the results of our SAT program speak for themselves — an average score increase of over 200 points per student!

Have you registered for the SAT yet? SAT I Tutoring Timetable
SAT courses are generally taught over the ten to twelve weeks immediately leading up to an actual test date, with sessions averaging ninety minutes; although meeting times, duration of sessions, and frequency of sessions are completely customized to each student’s individual needs.

Free Official Practice Test In-home tutoring is available both one-on-one, and in small-group sessions. Students enrolled in small-group classes receive a minimum of a 25% discount off of our standard tutoring rate (additional rate information: Registration & Rates). We now also offer a Distance Learning option for out-of-state students.

Please note that the College Board now offers Score Choice, and that score reporting policies are determined by the individual college or university.

Not sure which test is best for you? Visit our ACT and SAT Subject test pages for additional information specific to these tests, or call us, and we will be happy to advise you.

  • Average score increases of over 200 points on the new SAT
  • Tutoring when you want — no scheduling conflicts
  • Qualified tutors for students with learning differences
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